April 30, 2015.

As of April 14th, Rachel and I are back in the United States. We spent a week with family in Pennsylvania before traveling to New Hampshire.

We've decided to return to the United States after much prayer and knowing that part of our hearts will remain in Thailand. The work that we've done over the past two years has had a tremendous impact on our lives and will continue to affect our life's purpose and our personal relationships with God. We are sad to close this chapter in our lives, but excited to see what He has in store for us next.

As for what the future holds, we are continuing to trust in His provision as we navigate the path ahead. We will be living in New Hampshire (close to Rachel's family). Matt will be pursuing a full-time web development position and Rachel will be freelancing with watercolor and graphic design. We are both excited to get involved in a local church and pursue God's calling for us in America.

We cannot guarantee frequent posts on lifesanadventure.com, but we will make efforts to document our journey as big life changes happen. You can continue to follow us through our personal websites (http://mlitzinger.com and http://plaidgecko.com) and on Twitter (@ltzngr and @litzdewskie).


Matt & Rachel Litzinger

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