Life's An Adventure

Chiang Rai, Thailand:


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”
- Helen Keller, The Open Door

Notes from the Road

We are finally back in Thailand after a crazy couple of months! As we were preparing to leave Chiang Rai, Thailand for a short visit to the US, we learned of some previously unforeseen difficulties in obtaining the necessary paperwork to remain in the country for a second year. We continued on as planned and left at the beginning of July. Since then we have been on an epic journey around the world. To be honest – we are both exhausted, but we have greatly enjoyed the excitement. We are so grateful for the amazing times that we were able to share with friends and family.

Our trip started with a four day visit to Paris, where we had a chance to unwind a little before arriving in the United States. From there, we flew into Boston Logan airport where both the Ladew and Litzinger families were waiting to greet us. After spending one day in New England, we travelled on to Pennsylvania to visit with family. Then we set out on a one week tour through Indiana and Michigan, hitting several important stops along the way. After that, it was on to Word of Life Family Campground in Schroon Lake, NY where again both of our families met up for a relaxing week in the Adirondacks. Finally, we travelled on to New Hampshire where we spent time with family and friends. The craziest part is, we did all that in 7 weeks!

Now we are back in Thailand but the journey isn’t over yet. In a few weeks we are traveling to Cambodia to take care of some paperwork for our visas. Once the visas come through we can apply for a work permit and based on its outcome, we will have a better idea of how long we can stay here in Thailand.

The past few months have been filled with a lot of uncertainty concerning our future here but we are confident that God will reveal the next steps to us in His timing. Until then, we would greatly appreciate your prayers as we navigate the legal requirements to stay in Thailand for the coming year.

We’re Not Done Yet 4

We have been greatly enjoying our work here in Thailand. It isn’t always easy but the rewards are plentiful and God has given us everything we need to face each day. We set a goal for ourselves to decide about staying for another year by the end of February. Now that we have ironed out the details, we want to officially announce that we will be in Thailand for another year!

Matt’s role will shift slightly as he will become a part-time/as-needed web developer for Destiny Rescue and will be taking on freelance/contract clients to generate an source of income. Rachel will remain full time as a Graphic Designer on the Media Team. There have been some exciting opportunities for us both lately. Matt helps out regularly with the girls’ self defense class, and Rachel has been able to start teaching an art class to the rescue girls at the Learning Centre. Rachel is also helping to launch the new jewelry business for Destiny Rescue at the moment. We are very excited for the next year and we both felt that God is not done with us in Thailand.

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